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Sadie wiggled her way out of her crippled body and found new, healthy, strong legs so that she could run like the wind…  What a ride she’s taken all of us on!

And when Sadie was halfway across the Bridge, she stopped and turned to look at me and said “Mom, you can’t stop now. You’ve taken me as far as I want to go. Build on what we started together because there will always be another dog who needs you!”

Dogs are meant to run…

Such a joy I am feeling to know that she is free from her crippled body, watching Sadie jump, run, fetch, just like she used to.

She is happy to be free of the constraints that humans put on her.

Sadie will return in a body that is strong and vibrant, and we will know her when we see her.

All the King’s horses and All the King’s Men couldn’t put Sadie together again.


Because she was perfect just the way that she was.

Don’t feel sorry for our loss, our gain is immeasurable.

This is not the end of our journey – the old one brings the new one.

Our mission will never change; to teach acceptance of people and animals who have special needs, delivering a strong anti-bullying message to remind children and adults everywhere to “Think about what you CAN do and not what you CAN’T do”.

Please donate in Memory of Sadie, to help us continue her on-going commitment of helping others, just like she has helped so many around the world.

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The Dog

Shot in the spine and head, Sadie was left for dead on a cold Kentucky mountainside. That could have been the last of Sadie, but this dog story has a happy ending!

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The Book

“A triumphant tale of second chances that shows how patience, hope, compassion and love can truly transform lives.”

– Modern Dog on Saving Sadie


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The Message

Sadie delivers a strong anti-bullying message and reminds kids & adults everywhere:  “Think about what you CAN do, not what you CAN’T do – just like me!”

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“Best Buddies in Wisconsin was honored to have Saving Sadie as a Keynote speaker at our Project: Inclusion event on February 8th 2020.  We hosted over 100 individuals that are active Best Buddies participants in school and community programs which promote inclusion!  Saving Sadie not only showed our attendees what inclusion means they provided much insight on the struggles that one may go through in life and how there is light at the end of the tunnel when support is provided from those who care in our lives.  We are proud to have Saving Sadie as our community partner and look forward to sharing experiences of spreading the meaning of inclusion in years to come!” -Best Buddies in Wisconsin

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