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Book trio2 Forever Friends Book Series (featuring “Sadie and the Superstars”)

Meet Sadie, Matt and Dexter’s newest friend in the Forever Friends’ series. Sadie is a dog who has endured many obstacles, but does not let them hold her back. She shows children how to overcome obstacles and turn their “I can’t!!” into “I can!”

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Bring Fido – Ruff Guides

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All proceeds from the Sadie Store go to helping Sadie’s legs to get stronger every day. Sadie appreciates that fact that you are not giving up on her!

She willingly has 2-3 hours per day of intensive rehabilitation which includes acupuncture, exercise, swimming and other modalities that increase nerve regeneration and muscle strength. 

Every penny that you share with Sadie goes for her care.  She cannot keep up all of this rehabilitation without YOU! 

Thank you for your love, caring and support! 

LOVE, Sadie