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2017 was AMAZING!!!!

Check out everything I was doing….

My book launch! Don’t Mom and Liz look great? We had such a big crowd – the line looked like it went on furever. Woof!

A very old friend showed up… I was so excited. Dan Mikulecky has always helped us since we first met in April of 2012. He brought flowers for Mom and Liz – and treats for me! I LOVE this guy!

Haley and Ariana from the Bristol School came too. Such a great night! They worked really hard to get me to visit their school, and then again to get here for my launch!

My huge supporter Linda Green, and my dear manny (instead of nanny) Jeff who takes care of me when Mom is working.








Watch for added pics from my tour!













A Year in Pictures – 2016! (Enjoy this photo video montage and take a walk down memory lane with Sadie and her friends)

(Check out our fun, new videos now uploaded on Sadie’s YouTube channel…

2016 Gallery

Thank you Quick Signs – West Allis! 

Thank you Donna and Glen at Quick Signs in West Allis for this gorgeous sign!!

*Donna is allergic to dogs otherwise Sadie would have thanked her in person*











A Year in Pictures – 2015! (photo video montage)


A Year in Pictures – 2014! (photo video montage)


Starfish Animal Rescue: Video of pets rescued, including Sadie!


A Year in Pictures – 2013! (photo video montage)


Meet Sadie-rella and her Fairy-God-Mother!


Did you miss it? Sadie was on the “Morning Blend” TV show!

If you did, no worries. Here is a link to our segment. Enjoy!

Sadie Morning Blend show

Happy Halloween! (image courtesy of fabulous Sadie Supporter, Carol Lynn)


Sadie gets new wheels courtesy of Eddie’s Wheels and Joyful Paws!

Eddies Wheels Sept 2014 (1)


Sadie’s story on NBC 15, Madison, July 12, 2014


Sadie’s new braces

IMAG0117Click on link to watch video.

Sadie walks by Doc Jodie

Sadie walks with Doc Jodie

Click on link to watch video.

At Bayshore Town Center with Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke, the Salvation Army, Stan Kass and Door County Sled Dogs.

go Salvation Army!

 Happy Howl-I-Days!


The Sadie Tree at Trees of Hope Event

Adrianna, Sadie and Olivia

Santa Sadie & Rudolph Joal

What? Mom is a reindeer!

Doig Corp. Meet & Greet


Enjoying a lovely, lazy autumn afternoon with mom.


Happy Howl-O-Ween!

DSCN1579 (712x800)


Me in my new Help ‘Em Up Harness.  I asked my mom if she could get one for me and I am really glad that she listened!  It not only has a handle on the top of my shoulders, but also in the back where I need it the most!  Now, when I am wearing it, my mom uses the back handle, picks up my back end and I can run a lot faster than I could with out it.  WHEEEEEEE!view of my new harness


Me in my wagon with the new wagon cover and creator, Beth (center) from and CeCe (on the right) from and my mom, Joal (left).


Multitasking (massage and hot house).


Working with a vest and noodles on the hydro treadmill at Lakeshore w Dr. Luginbill.

Working with a vest and noodles on the hydro treadmill at Lakeshore w Dr. Luginbill

Soooo tired after a day of swim therapy.

So tired after swimming

Stan’s new puppy, Ranger, kissing Sadie.

Stan's new puppy, ranger kisses Sadie

Sadie is dreaming of dancing one day. Look at those pretty glass slippers.

Sadie dreaming of one day going dancing

AWWWW…I am staying warm in my new wagon that Mr. Stan Kass from Skylark Vending bought for me!  I love it!

New wagon

Here I am in my new wagon that folds into a suitcase size so that my mom can take me everywhere.  Thank you, Stan Kass, for buying it for me!

New wagon 2

Memorial service for my dog friend, Woody, at Bosco’s in Waukesha.

Woody memorial at Bosco's

Sometimes, I just got to have some peanut butter!

Sometimes I just gotta have peanut butter


Pool time is over, time to race down the stairs!

Pool time over


Me and Mom at a fundraiser race finish line in May.

Fundraiser race finish line May 2013


I don’t need this mom, I’m a girl!

fire hydant


Swimming with my trainer Lisa and my sister Sparky, while Auntie Marnette watches

Swim time with Aunt Marnette, Sparky and Lisa


Baby Capone Fundraiser Baby Capone fundraiser


Sadie’s “Rebirthday Party” Celebration

Dog Cake -3


Sadie Walks

DSC04789             Click on link to watch video.

Sadie Goes Sledding

Sadie in going down hill on her sled

Sadie loves sledding.  Click on link to watch video.

Sadie Goes Swimming

Sadie getting aquatherapy at Think Pawsitive

Sadie getting aquatherapy at Think Pawsitive

Click on link to watch video.


“Where’s the Doggy?” starring the amazing Sadie

DSC04805               Click on link to watch video.

Warming Up after having my shower after swimming

Warming Up after having my shower after swimming


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