Sadie Was a Dog They Thought Nobody Wanted. They Were Wrong.

sadie shot

"My heart melted..."

"Sadie had been transported to a no-kill shelter in Wisconsin, where I found her when I was donating blankets," says Joal. "As I was walking out, I saw Sadie. Even though her head was hanging down I thought that she was beautiful. I already had three animals at home, but I had to know what Sadie's story was. A volunteer filled me in - and then told me they didn't think anyone would ever want her."


Shot and left to die...

Sadie was found bleeding and alone in the mountains of Kentucky. She had been left to die after delivering a litter of puppies - with a bullet hole between her eyes and another in her back. Strangers found her and took her to a veterinarian, and Starfish Animal Rescue had her transported to a shelter in Wisconsin. Little did Joal expect to meet Sadie there!


The vet looked at me and said, "Joal, do the kind thing"

"I asked if I could take Sadie to a doctor, and they told me that I could as long as I paid for it. The first doctor said that we should get Sadie a cart, because the x-rays confirmed the bullets and shrapnel. The second doctor told me that because Sadie was incontinent and couldn’t walk, I should do the kind thing. I couldn't.

She Was the Dog Nobody Wanted... Look at Sadie Today!

Months and years of love, therapy, medical treatment and devotion have made a huge difference for Sadie! The dog nobody wanted is happy, healthy, and thriving today - able to "walk," hop, swim, and play.

I love swimming with Mom.
I go to the beach and sun in the sand.

Want the Rest of Sadie's Story?

Sadie's Mom, Joal, and Author Liz Ridley wrote it down and published it. "Saving Sadie: How a Dog That No One Wanted Inspired the World" lets you enjoy a dog story that has a happy ending!