Sadie Fall Update – August 2016

WHEW!  It has been awhile, but wait until you hear this!   I have HUGE NEWS for you!  My book, Saving Sadie, How a Dog that No One Wanted Inspired the World is FINISHED and is being published by Kensington/Citadel and will be available in September of 2017!!! 

But wait, there’s more! MUCH MORE!  My movie is also ready for the world to see!  It is all about the anti-bullying movement that stars ME Sadie, the Ambassadog for Generations Against Bullying  (  This movie took over a year to produce by Bill Eisner and NonBox Advertising Agency.  A HUGE THANK YOU to Bill and his fabulous crew who made it all happen!  Go to  and PLEASE SHARE with at least 20 or more of your friends.  It is with YOUR HELP that we can help others to end the pain that bullying can cause. Parents, please view before allowing your little ones to watch because the sound of gunshots can be heard.  

Lastly, Sadie was recently interviewed by Animal Wellness Magazine.  You may read the article by visiting this link:
It has been an incredible summer!  I haven’t seen my mom that much because she has been busy writing, but my incredible dog sitter, Jeff has been taking me swimming almost everyday!  My mom increased my leg weights and I have to work harder than ever!  But that’s ok!  Anything that makes me stronger is OK with me!  Of course, my mom makes sure that I am keeping up on ALL of my other exercises, too!  

Remember, I was saved for a reason!  It is through YOUR HELP in passing my message onto others that we can help others who are in pain from bullying.
If you pass only ONE message on today, please make it this one.

Sadie and I thank you for all of your love and support.
REMEMBER:   Don’t Stop Believing in the Power of Sadie!!!

With love and very much appreciation. Thank you for ALL that you do for me and remember:, 

Be a Buddy, not a Bully!
Hugs and doggie kisses,