Sadie needs your help!

WOO HOO to all of you in SadieLand!

As usual it has been a whirlwind of activity with me going FAST down the hills with my sled, meeting all kinds of new people at speaking events and just being silly old Sadie.

I am flying down the stairs and giving my ONE BARK at the door when I have to go out to detox.  I never did THAT before! What does that really mean?  It means that I have more feeling than I did before!  Not a big deal for any other dog, but for ME it is huge!

My mom is using a Percussor on me now which is at the correct vibration for me.  I LOVE it and it is somewhat like a massager but better. Again, we are always working on nerve and muscle regeneration and little by little, thanks to YOU it is working!

The Great Lakes Pet Expo is on Saturday, January 30th at State Fair Park and I will be at the Animal Doctor Booth and meandering over to the Creatures Covers booth.  Be there early if you would like to see me to avoid disappointment!  My mom won’t let me stay there all day.

Just a reminder that I will be on Animal Magnetism with Carolyn Hennesy from General Hospital on Sunday, February 7th.  You can click on a link to listen.

I was recently interviewed on 88.9 Radio Milwaukee.  You can tune in here. My mom also set up some other radio interviews for me and we will keep you informed as to when they will be airing.

SADIE NEEDS YOUR HELP, in a FUN way!  We are having a contest and YOU could be the winner!  We are looking to reach 500 new social media followers by February 28th, 2016.  If you can help us reach that goal on each of our social media sites (Facebook, Instagram @savinsadie, and Twitter @savinsadie), your name will be entered into a drawing to win an hour long visit at the location of your choice, whether home or business with as many friends as you would like,a  book or new plush Sadie!  Be sure to follow us on all three sites as we will be drawing one name from each on March 1st, which means you have 3 chances to win!

The contest starts Saturday, January 30th and ends February 28th.

All who help Sadie will be entered in a drawing and the winner will be chosen on March 1.

The winner will get a very special hour long visit with Sadie herself with as many friends as you would like to be there! (within 100 miles of Milwaukee).  If you are not within 100 miles of Milwaukee and you win first prize, you will get a very special pawtographed copy of Sadie and the Superstars PLUS a NEW little plush Sadie.

Second place winner gets the NEW little plush Sadie.

Third place winner get a pawtographed copy of Sadie and the Superstars!

This is going to be fun.  Help Sadie and help yourself to some great prizes.  Your special visit with Sadie is only a click away!

I would like you all to remember that I was saved for a reason!  I am on a mission to educate children about breaking the cycle of abuse, to have children and adults to Think about what they CAN do and not what they CAN’T do just like I do in my book, Sadie and the Superstars, and teaching children that Bullying is not OK.  Be a Buddy, not a Bully.

Thank you for ALL that you do for me and remember:  DON’T STOP BELIEVING (in me)!

Hugs and doggie kisses,